Business Intelligence

A company that makes decisions by data is light years ahead of one that even looks at your business through data. The so-called data-driven decision is a very common term in the XTK, being one of our bases. We only make decisions based on data we collect so we can have powerful insights. If your company is looking for this path, the XTK can help you!

Business Intelligence

The technical backbone to intelligent decision-making is a single, centralized repository that draws together data on all of your business activities and customer interactions. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions typically play an invaluable role here. X Tech Knowledge implements CRM to acts as the bridge between teams and will enable you to run reports that deliver a range of key business metrics – on productivity, staff performance, product preferences, sales cycles, customer behaviour, core customers, revenues and market trends – all ready for analysis by the management team.

Smart Decision Making

As a business manager or owner, it’s vital to have a firm grip on what your organisation’s data is telling you. As we all know, information does not necessarily equal intelligence! This is especially the case if that information is ‘siloed’ in disparate parts of your business.

Smash Sales And Marketing Goals

Our Business Intelligence program will deliver in-depth analysis to kickstart sales, boost the performance of your marketing function, and – crucially – shake up the way that both teams work together.

Monitoring, Reporting and Testing

In order to make your company a great power in decision making by data it is important to start by measuring through Google Analytics and Tag Manager. Whether it’s a virtual store or a lead generation site, we can help your business get the data at hand!

With the data, we can help in creating reports and dashboard for data analysis. Then you can count on us to create a / b tests for the purpose of discovering better versions of your pages.

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