Boosting your sales and conversions without spending online ads is possible! These goals, and many others, can be achieved through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. By using them on your site, you can:

  • be easily found by your target audience;
  • achieve the best Google organic results;
  • increase the number of visits to the site;
  • generate qualified leads;
  • increase the number of conversions;
  • get positive ROI.

SEO Consulting

SEO consulting is one of our most sought after services when it comes to website optimization. In this type of project, the team of the X Tech Knowledge evaluates all the technical aspects, content and relevance of its website, identifying points of correction and / or improvements.

In addition, monthly we produce documentation that indicates how to make necessary adjustments and follow the whole process of implementation.

This type of project is recommended for companies that are looking for organic growth (on Google) and want closer proximity to the X Tech Knowledge team.

A piece of digital art created by X Tech Knowledge.
A piece of digital art created by X Tech Knowledge.

SEO Audit

In SEO Audit, X Tech Knowledge’s team evaluates all technical aspects, content and relevance of your website, producing detailed documentation of the points that need to be adjusted.

In this type of project, we deliver the details (of what needs to be done) and you (as a client) implement each of the exposed fronts. The difference, compared to the Consulting model, is that the complete documentation is delivered at the beginning of the project. Thus, you gain a clear sense of the problems that must be solved.

SEO for E-Commerce

If your business is a virtual store, SEO work for E-Commerce is ideal. In this service, the team of the XTK Agency focuses specifically on techniques and elements for virtual stores.

Internally, we are also careful to leave your project in the hands of professionals who already work with this type of business and market segment.

With a unique expertise, X Tech Knowledge’s team uses SEO techniques to help the store sell more, whether for technical enhancement suggestions, platform patches or a content strategy.

In all cases, in this type of project, we always focus on sales!

A piece of digital art created by X Tech Knowledge.
A piece of digital art created by X Tech Knowledge.

Content for Blogs and Sites

To gain more leads, leads and sales, every company needs a solid content strategy. But it’s no use producing any article, video or e-book. You need content that:

  1. Make sense for your business;
  2. be searched on the Internet;
  3. add value to your audience.

Our SEO team, along with an experienced content team, knows exactly how to do this. Our materials are thought and produced to attract visitors and conversions (both for blogs and websites).

At XTK, we care about every step, from the way your user searches the internet, to the implementation of the content. So you just have to worry about your business. We do the rest!

Content for E-Commerce

In virtual store designs, we dedicate a lot of time to the structure of the site, but we also ensure the attraction of customers by publishing content of value to both the user and Google (which involves more technical issues).

We produce content for products, categories of the site and even for the e-commerce blog, all internally. That way, the team of XTK helps your store to win more customers, increase results and grow!

A piece of digital art created by X Tech Knowledge.
A piece of digital art created by X Tech Knowledge.

Google Penalty Removal

Some online practices can generate penalties, made by Google. This directly influences the site’s organic traffic and generates astronomical positioning drops. If something similar has happened or is happening to you, the best way out is to have an experienced SEO team that can correctly identify the problem and solve it.

To help you, X Tech Knowledge has experienced penalty removal professionals from Google who are ready to help your business get over it in the right way. If that is your intention, contact us to arrange a conversation!